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Core 4 Bio-Reactor Shipment

09 Jan 2020

We just got another batch of Core 4's, Core 5's and FRAG Solid's in, but we've been really busy with the holidays and all kinds of other things, so they're in piles waiting for someone to go out and finish them.... and nobody want's to do it!

Every vehicle I own seems to have developed one problem or another that have been taking up all my nights and weekends.
(FYI: If you own a Toyota Tacoma, go grease the front alignment cam bolts/parts asap before they rust to the bushings or you'll never get them out without dynamite and they're $100+ per bolt to replace).

So since you're not here to do it, or to fix my cars, and nobody else want's to do it... you'll have to post some mean comments below to get me motivated to start on them :)

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Frozen Mammoth


When are the next batches of core stoves coming out?

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Have you still not gotten around to sorting them out?
It's been three years already!
I love my core4, still waiting for a core5....