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Core 4 Bio-Reactor

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Worlds Best Titanium Wood Burning Survival Stoves

For Backpacking Camping and Survival Cooking.

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CORE 5 - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - Titanium

Core 5 Ultimate Titanium Stove is the largest Core stove we offer. It's designed for Heavy Duty cooking chores. Weighs only 17.7 oz!
$95.00 $110.00

CORE 4 - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - Titanium

Core 4 Ultimate Titanium comes with everything you need for just about any use condition. Assembled stove weighs only 11.7 oz
$74.95 $89.95

FRAG (Solid) - Ultimate - Titanium

Frag 'Solid' Ultimate Titanium Stove. With one piece sides for easier assembly, it packs completely flat into a bag that's about the size of your hand... and it comes with a grill! Only 4.9 oz
$40.00 $69.99

CORE PUK Micro Alcohol Stove

The Core PUK Stove has all the features that ultralight backpackers want, packed into a single, high performance stove system.
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MSP S.H.A.R.T - Want One?
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Ultralight Multi-Fuel Stove Anyone? Read More
Ultralight Multi-Fuel Stove Anyone?
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09 Jan 2020
Core 4 Bio-Reactor Shipment
Fresh batch of FRAG Solid's, Core 4's, Core 5's in.