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The FRAG Ultralight Titanium Stove only 4.0 oz. Fire in a tiny titanium box.
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The FRAG Ultralight Stove is ultra light at only 4.0 oz. and stores really small... but when erect, it gets pretty big!

It's made up of a bunch of small titanium fragments that stow away in a tough stove bag thats smaller than the size of your hand.

Its 5.3 inches high so it has a good draft, and its burn chamber is 3.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep so its big enough to have a decent cooking fire in it yet small enough that it'll support smaller cups.  It feeds from the front, so you don't have to break down all your fuel into tiny little pieces; just shove a few long sticks in there and move them in or out to control the heat. 

Frag Ultralight

Starting at the bottom, the sides have ports at the bottom to allow fresh air to come up through the burn plate.  The burn plate is where the stove gets much of the oxygen required for the combustion process. The holes in the burn plate are uniquely sized so that they let enough air in so the fuel can burn efficiently, but not so much that residual heat necessary to ignite damp wood, is immeditately drafted away, which is a problem with many updraft stoves. The holes are also the perfect size to allow pretty good sized coals to be maintained. So, if you happen to turn around for a minute and your fuel has flamed out, there's a nice bed of small hot coals that aren't buried in ash, waiting patiently to re-ignite whatever fuel you stick in there.

The sides of the burn chamber fully protect the fire from the wind and keep the heat in and they let fresh air in higher up in the combustion process for a more complete burn before the flame hits the cooking surface. 

The top of the stove has Pot Supports that clip into the sides of the stove. Once they're installed they stay in place and they're what allows the stove to pack so small. The pot supports have a couple unique features:

  • They have tabs on their lower sides that snap into the lower side panels of the stove so the panels really stay in place.
  • They have hooks on the sides that rest on the top edge of the stoves side plates for weight and strength distribution. Those hooks help the stove to support more weight than you'll ever need too cook with.
  • They allow the stove to exhaust freely while blocking much of the wind

Additional options that are available are damper plates that fit over the top edge of the stove to block the wind and a 4 in x 4 in square of fireproof Carbon Felt that can be used as a ground shield or a hot pad for those hot cup handles!

Its a great little titanium stove at a great price!


Here's an awesome video a FRAG Ultimate torture test by Mark Smiley on his youtube channel "sameold77



4.0 oz Stove Only

5.0 oz with Bag



5.3 inches tall

3.5 in x 3.5 in wide (Inside)

4 in x 4 in wide (widest points outside)

*For more specification information see the Specifications tab on the upper left 


Assembly Instructions

Core Frag Assembly Instructions PDF

Products specifications
Assembled Stove Weight4.0 oz
Total Kit Weight (Including Bag)5 oz
Top Opening Width3.1 in x 3.1 in (Square)
Height5.3 inches
Bottom Opening Width3.4 in x 3.4 in (Square)
Top Widest Width3.9 in x 3.9 in (Square, at the outside edge of the pots supports)
Bottom Widest Width4 in x 4 in (Square)
Fuel Port Plates1
Side Plates3
Stove DoorNo
TLUD PlateNo
Afterburner Plates0
Rocket PortNo
Triangle Burn PlateNot an option
Heat Shield PlateYes - Carbon Felt
GrillNot Included
Stove BagYes
3 Sided ModeUhhhh... not really.
Recomended ForUltralight Hiking, Medium Power, Fair Weather
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