Frag Alcohol Stove

Alcohol stove for use with the Core Frag stove.
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The Frag ultralight alcohol stove is designed to work with the FRAG stove or any stove that can support a soda can type alcohol stove.

The Frag alcohol stove fits into the top of the Frag stove and rests on the TLUD plate.

The alcohol stove is so small that it fits inside the stove bag with the FRAG stove! It can easily boil two cups of water in around 5 minutes with only 1 oz of alcohol (in protected wind conditions). Its also really light weight at 0.7 oz and surprisingly pretty tough.

***Please Note that this stove is not the 'Core Alcohol Stove' and does not come with any other parts except what you see in the picture above.

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This thing works!
Got this for three reasons. First is that it fits into my smaller stove stands. Second is the ability to adjust the flame. Third is the price.

Didn't purchase the full Core alcohol stove with the stand pieces, just the Frag burner. Would have no problems buying the full stove if I didn't already have so many ways to use the burner alone.

It will work anywhere a Trangia will, unless the base is specifically designed for that burner.
Fits easily into a Firebox Nano, but you need to have a way to raise it up an inch or so.
Sets into an Evernew DX stand, and you can fiddle with the setup for different heights.
Even though the Evernew alcohol burner is great, wish I bought eight of these instead. Every bit as useful. Even more so with the flame adjustment.

I have similar Altoids type char cloth tins that are a decade old, burnt to a crisp, and rinsed often with water; so know this will last. The flame adjustment is actually pretty good. Am ordering more to add to all my kits.

Wish I had bought a case of these 20 years ago, it would have changed everything for the better.
From: William | 10/27/2016 9:42 AM
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