CORE Recon - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - Titanium

Core Recon is a great stove for serious cooking in an ultralight package. Weighs only 10.6 oz
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Core Recon Bio-Reactor is an impressive stove that may even outperform the Core 4 while weighing only 10.6 oz. Its got a thinner profile so it can support smaller pots but its just as deep as the Core 4 so you can fit more fuel in lengthwise than the Core M4. Its an ideal ratio of fuel port width to stove width.

There's something about the thinner profile and extra holes in the bottom burn plate that allow fresh air to get to the fuel better. You can see it in action at the end of the video below.

In case you're not able to find any dry wood, the Recons' top TLUD plate also supports a Trangia, Esbit or Evernew alcohol stove at the optimum distance from your pot by setting it in the TLUD plate opening.

The Core Recon kit includes;

  • 1 Front Mini Panel
  • 2 Full Size Side Panels
  • 1 Side Mini Panel
  • 2 Full Size Afterburners
  • 2 Mini Afterburner
  • 1 Recon Perforated Burn Plate
  • 1 Recon TLUD Plate
  • 1 Recon Solid Heat Shield/Griddle
  • 1 Complete Rocket Port
  • 1 Recon Grill
  • 1 Door
  • 1 Stove Bag

The stove bag is *strong* waterproof coated nylon pack-cloth.


  • Assembled Stove w/Rocket Port: 10.6 oz
  • Total Kit Weight w/Rocket Port, Door, Bag and Grill: 12.0 oz




The Core Recon can fit the same length of fuel inside as the Core 4



Size Comparison: Core 4, Core Recon (center), Core M4


Check out this great video by Core Recon owner AngryDaddyBird


Compatable Alcohol Stoves


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