CORE M4 - Bio-Reactor - Titanium

Core M4 Bio-Reactor Titanium is a mini version of the Core 4. It's an excellent performer, burns like thermite and only weighs 7.5 oz!
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The Core M4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate Titanium Stove is a mini version of the full sized Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate stove. It's a great performer and only weighs 7.5 oz assembled! It's made from Titanium, packs nearly completely flat (except for the afterburners) and its so light you almost dont' know it's there. It's just the right size to support smaller sized cook pots without extra parts but strong enough to support a full sized dutch oven.

The M4 is 6 inches tall so its got a great stovepipe draft that helps to continously suck fresh oxygen into the heart of the fire. The M4 doesn't get all clogged up with charcoal after a few minutes of use either. It's perforated burn plate has been tuned (through much trial and error) with just the right amount of holes to allow the stove to be self cleaning while still holding heat in the burn chamber to ignite damp wood better and using fuel conservatively. The M4 can run a full log's worth of kindling through it without cloging up with charcoal for continous cooking.


The M4s' Bio-Reactor feature uses a TLUD plate to restrict the free flow of its exhaust and compound the heat in its core like a reflection chamber and then re-burns its own exhaust to get the cleanest, hottest burn possible. It also helps ignite fresh fuel faster than an unrestricted draft 'fire in a metal box' type stove. Re-designed pot supports with larger teeth allow flames to flow against the pot on their way out to get the most heat out of the fire.

Alcohol Stove Support

In case you're not able to find any dry wood, the M4's top TLUD plate also supports a Trangia, Esbit or Evernew alcohol stove at the optimum distance from your pot by setting it in the TLUD plate opening.

Triangle Burn Plate

The Core M4 now comes with triangle burn plate so that it can be transformed into a three sided ultralight stove just like its big brother the Core 4. It makes a really small stove but add the rocket port and it works really well for heating water and making coffee. (Note: afterburners don't fit in three sided mode, its too small in there)


If you're looking for a single mid sized stove that you can depend on to perform, for just about any cooking chore, the M4 Bio-Reactor is a great choice!

The Core M4 Bio-Reactor kit includes:

  • 1 Front Mini Panel
  • 3 Mini Side Panels
  • 3 Mini Afterburners
  • 1 Mini TLUD Plate
  • 1 Mini Triangle Burn Plate (NEW!)
  • 1 Mini Perforated Burn Plate
  • 1 Door
  • 1 Stove Bag

The stove bag is *strong* waterproof coated nylon pack-cloth.


  • Assembled Stove: 7.5 oz
  • Assembled Stove w/Door: 7.8 oz
  • Total Kit Weight w/Bag: 8.1 oz


  • 6 in tall
  • 5 in x 5 in wide at widest point
  • 3.2 in x 3.2 in wide at the top

A Trangia or Esbit alcohol stove rests perfectly in the hole in the TLUD plate.

Core 4 (left) size comparison to the Core M4 (right). Just the right size to support smaller pots, but puts out just about as much heat as a full sized Core 4.

Core M4's (right) high cleanout burn plate reduces charcoal buildup and keeps fresh air flowing.

The Core M4 now comes with a Triangle burn plate too.

Core M4 Stove Bag

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Compatable Alcohol Stoves


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