Core Alcohol Stove

The Core Alcohol Stove at 1.5 oz includes everything you need to cook with besides the alcohol! Boils 2 cups in 3.5 min!
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The Core Alcohol Stove is a partially Titanium micro alcohol stove that includes everything you need to cook with besides the alcohol! Also, the stove doesn't require a separate pot stand like many other small alcohol stoves do because the pot stand is built in. The entire stove weighs only 1.5 oz and has a fuel capacity of about 1.5 oz which is more than enough to boil a few cups of water for a hot drink or to cook small meals. It’s also adjustable so that you can set it to burn really hot and fast or low and slow.

Boil times for '2 cups' of water with '1 ounce' of denatured alcohol in protected wind conditions, no wind screen:

  • Full Open (three-four pennies width):  Boil 3:45, Fire out 6:45

  • Half Open (one-two penny width): Boil 5:20, Fire out 10:30

  • Closed: Boil 6:00, Fire out 14:00

**Stove does not require time to "bloom".
**Boil times may be even faster if a windscreen is used and may vary depending on diameter of pot (larger is better). 
**A wind screen is recommended when used outdoors.

How it works

The stove works by channeling fresh air into the core of the stove, which unlike many stoves, allows flames to hit the center of your pot instead of just the outside edges. The key is the Titanium Pot Support which heats up as the alcohol burns and transfers the heat into the alcohol so it can evaporate more, and burn more. As it heats up it will burn hotter, the hotter it burns the more air it will try to suck into its side ports and the more oxygen the stove gets. It also sections off the stove into 4 parts and acts as a wind barrier so not all sections are affected by wind equally.

The other important feature is the top which controls the airflow and channels oxygen into the center of the stove. It also allows the stove to be adjustable. Opening the ports on the sides allows for a fast hot burn. Pressing the top all the way down will give you a long, slow simmer.

The stove also contains a carbon felt insulating liner. Because cold alcohol doesn't like to evaporate and burn very well by itself in really cold temperatures, the liner acts as a wick and makes the stove easy to light, and helps the stove to get warmed up quickly in freezing temeratures. It also soaks up some of the alcohol to give a few extra seconds of simmering heat at the end of a burn cycle.

*The main body of the stove can be used in the FRAG stove too.


Stove Only: 1.5 oz

With Bag: 2.5 oz

Materials Included In The Kit:

Feet and Pot Supports: Titanium

Stove Body: Tin

Liner/Wick: Carbon Felt


Capacity: 1.5 oz (or more if you like to live dangerously)

Burn time: 1.5 oz. (around 13-14 minutes of burn time on full blast, much longer when turned down)

Recommended fuel: Denatured Alcohol (which you can get from just about any hardware store)

Here's a great review of the stove by crewhead05 on the BushcraftUSA Forum!

Assembly Instructions


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