Core 4 SHTF Grill - Titanium

The Core 4 SHTF Grill.
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Why have a grill that's just a grill?

The SHTF grill is 6x6 inches, made from titanium and has parts that you can break out in an emergency. It stays locked in place when in use and will cook your food just as good as any single purpose grill.

Clean up is simple, just burn the leftovers off or leave baked on food as bait! (its safer than trying to clean it)

It also fits inside the 'Core 4' stove bag.

*Fits the 'Core 4' stove. Does not fit the 'Core M4' stove (but you can use it on it) and does not fit in the M4 stove bag.

Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in

Material: Titanium

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