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Ultralight Multi-Fuel Stove Anyone?

Ultralight Multi-Fuel Stove Anyone?

This is a mockup of an ultralight, ultra-packable, titanium multi-fuel stove with a titanium windscreen. You can use it with a PUK or FURY alcohol burner, or as a wood burner.

It stores pretty flat/small and its mainy meant for your EDC bag or for ultralight hiking. It'll boil 2 cups of water in under 5 minutes with the small PUK burner. If you flip the stove over and use a FURY burner it works, but doesn't work as well! It doesn't get enough air through the bottom and the huge flame from the FURY stove hits the bottom of the pot in the middle of the flame, the cold part I guess. So it would need more air coming in from underneath the titanium windscreen I think to work better. But then the stove gets taller, etc. Maybe the FURY needs some sort of wick cover that only allows a little bit of wick to burn instead of the entire thing?

Comments and suggestions welcome!

Would you like one? If so please comment below. If we get enough comments/interest we'll get a small batch cut and enlist a few of you as 'official MSP prototype testers'.

What should we name it?

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11/25/2020 9:34 AM
Rather than making it taller for air you could try a row of holes or notches similar to the Toaks titanium windscreen