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CORE 4 - Ultralight - Titanium

Core 4 Ultralight is a great ultra light weight titanium stove for general use and group cooking chores. Weighs only 6.5 oz!

CORE 4 - Bio-Reactor - Titanium

The Core 4 Stove is an efficient wood gas stove for general use in either three or four sided mode. Cook for a group or just yourself. Weighs only 8.7 oz!

CORE 4 - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - Titanium

Core 4 Ultimate Titanium comes with everything you need for just about any use condition. Assembled stove weighs only 11.7 oz

CORE 5 - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - CONVERSION KIT- Titanium

Core 5 Ultimate Titanium Stove CONVERSION KIT. All the parts necessary to turn a Core 4 into a Core 5 Bio-Reactor Ultimate Stove.

Core 4 Core Grill - Standard - Titanium

The Core 4 Standard Titanium Grill.

Core Damper Plate - Large - Titanium

*Large* Ultralight Titanium damper plates for the Core 3, Core 4, Core 5 and Recon stoves.
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