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Core XTS Alcohol Stove

The Core XTS Alcohol Stove is designed to support the Olicamp XTS pot with its integrated heat exchanger. It really heats things up fast. Its like a hyperlight Jetboil at a fraction of the price. Boils 16oz of water in 4 min.

FRAG - Ultralight - Titanium

The FRAG Ultralight Titanium Stove only 4.0 oz. Fire in a tiny titanium box.

Frag Alcohol Stove

Alcohol stove for use with the Core Frag stove.

Rocket Port - Bottom Plate - Titanium

The bottom plate for the rocket port.

Rocket Port - Complete - Titanium

The Rocket Port installs into the fuel port on any Core 3, M4, 4, 5 or Recon stove and improves the stoves performance.

Rocket Port - Side Plate - Titanium

The side plate for the rocket port.
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